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U.S. Paralympics
Please complete and submit the form below to make an online payment for your 2019 Summer Sport or 2018/19 Winter Sport IPC License. To make payment over the phone or get information about sending a check, please call Bryce Boarman at 719-866-4240.

Renewal Athletes - Once you have submitted your payment, you will receive a confirmation email. Bryce will notify you via email if any additional documentation is necessary to complete your license renewal. To verify if your license has been activated, please check the Master List for your respective sport. If your name does not appear on the Master List within 5 business days of making payment, please contact Bryce at Bryce.Boarman@usoc.org. Information about checking the Master List can be found in your confirmation email.   

New Athletes – The items listed below are required to apply for an IPC License. If you have questions about IPC Licensing or are having trouble locating the required forms, please contact Bryce at Bryce.Boarman@usoc.org. It is recommended that you make payment after submitting the required documentation to Bryce. 
        1. Completed and signed IPC Eligibility Code Form
        2. Copy of your Passport or Birth Certificate
        3. Headshot photo (photos MUST: have a white or neutral background)
        4.  Medical Diagnostics Form (Completed by a Doctor)
        5. Licensing Fee ($25 for Summer Sports and $75 for Winter Sports)

For any questions regarding payment or the IPC Licensing process, please contact U.S. Paralympics Classification Manager, Bryce Boarman, at Bryce.Boarman@usoc.org or 719-866-4240.

U.S. Paralympics is proud to only accept Visa.

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