Team USA Tuition Grant

Successful Candidates

  • Are U.S. citizens and eligible/intend to compete for the United States.  
  • Are currently training and competing, recently retired, or USOPA.  
  • Are not under a suspension or period of ineligibility—temporarily or otherwise—from USADA, the U.S. Center for SafeSport, the USOPC, an NGB, an HPMO or International Federation   
  • Demonstrate financial need.  
  • Request grant funding only when they have spent/used entire current allocation. 
  • All funds not distributed by December 2022 will be forfeited.  

Terms and Conditions of Grant

  • If awarded, the applicant will receive a notification email.    
  • Please note -- Athletes receiving payments as part of the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program should consult with their SSDI case manager and/or attorney to evaluate whether receiving funding as part of this program jeopardizes their eligibility for the SSDI program.      
  • Additionally, NCAA student-athletes and prospective NCAA student-athletes should consult with their school NCAA compliance administrator to ensure compliance with NCAA regulations related to accepting athlete support to include monthly stipends, incentive/bonus payments, the Team USA Tuition Grant or other grants without jeopardizing their eligibility.  It is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure that they are in compliance with NCAA rules and regulations.   
  • Athletes who were awarded a Team USA Tuition Grant in Spring 2022 or earlier are able to request another grant once they’ve used all their grant monies. If an athlete was not awarded a Team USA Tuition Grant in Spring 2022 or earlier can automatically request a grant. 

Education/Funding Tracks

Max funding amount an athlete can request per calendar year is up to $4,500

  • Traditional Higher Education Track
    • Examples: Undergraduate, Graduate, Master, Doctorate, etc 
  • Vocational Track 
    • Examples: Trade school, Plumbing, Electrical, Contract, etc.  
  • Career Development & Life Training Track 
    • Examples: Test Prep Courses, Industry Specific Certificates and Licenses, Soft Skill Professional Development Courses, etc.

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